Pinecone Elf Ornament

Please join Felix the Elf as he counts down to Christmas with The Advent Box Christmas Activity Booklet.

These little Pinecone Elves are adorable as ornaments or tucked around the house. You could even string them together with twine to make a festive garland. So many options!

What you need:
Small Pinecone
Wooden Ball
Felt (as many colors as you’d like for hat, scarf, mittens, and shoes)
Hot Glue Gun
Twine or string
Black Fine Tip Sharpie
Small Bell
Elf Templates

Step one: Cut hat, scarf, mittens, and shoes out of felt.
Step two: Glue the wooden ball onto the top of the pinecone.
Step three: Fold the rounded triangle in half, add a thin strip of glue, and press edges together to make the hat.
Step four: Add bell to the top of the hat and glue hat onto the wooden ball.
Step five: Wrap the scarf around the elf’s neck and attach with more hot glue.
Step six: Glue mittens to front of elf.
Step seven: Glue 2 heart-shaped pieces of felt together for the shoes and attach to the bottom of the pinecone with hot glue.
Step eight: Add 2 tiny dots with a black fine tip sharpie for the eyes.
Step nine: To make an ornament, hot glue a piece of string to the back of the hat.
Step ten: To make a garland, tie several elves onto a piece of twine. You could also display elves around the house as a festive decoration.