Santa Claus Mason Jar Gift

Please join Felix the Elf as he counts down to Christmas with The Advent Box Christmas Activity Booklet!

This Santa Claus mason jar is a fun and festive gift for friends, teachers, siblings—anyone who loves Santa Claus and candy!

What you need:
Pint- or quart-size mason jars
Red candy, such as licorice pieces, M&Ms, Swedish fish, cherry fruit sours, foil-wrapped chocolate balls, or peppermints
Belt and buckle materials (for belt: black paper, black ribbon, or faux leather; for buckle: black construction paper, silver or gold glitter foam sheet, or silver or gold decorative buckle)
Glue dots or hot glue

Step one: Fill mason jar with red candy.

Step two: Cut a belt out of your selected material and thread through “buckle.”

Step three: Hot glue the belt and buckle onto the jar.

You can add any other embellishments you wish, like white faux fur and buttons. And then make as many Santa jars as you like to give away! You can download free printable gift tags here.