Candy Sleigh

These candy sleighs are so cute! They’re easy to put together and would make great gifts, party favors, or a festive decoration to add some cheer to your home.

What you need:
2 candy canes
1 square candy bar, like KitKat, that will be the base of the sleigh
Several pieces of small or fun-size candy in Christmas colors
1 small chocolate Santa Claus
Hot glue, glue dots, or double-sided tape
Ribbon or bow, optional

Step one: To make the sleigh, attach 2 candy canes to the bottom of your square candy bar with hot glue or double-sided tape.

Step two: Turn the candy sleigh right side up and stack several pieces of small candy bars to represent the packages. Glue or tape them together.

Step three: Attach Santa to the front of the sleigh.

Step four: If you’re giving the candy sleigh as a gift, wrap a festive ribbon around the sleigh and place a bow on top of the candy packages.