Mason Jar Hot Chocolate Snowman

This mason jar snowman is a great way to spread Christmas cheer. Easy to make, but sure to bring a smile.

What you need:
3 mason jars (I used the 4-oz. size)
Mini marshmallows
Hot cocoa mix
Hershey’s Kisses Candy Cane Mint Candies, soft peppermint candies, or chocolate chips
Black and orange acrylic paint, black and orange
felt, or black and orange permanent markers
Black pom poms, buttons, and felt for embellishments

Step one: Fill one jar with mini marshmallows, one with hot chocolate mix, and one with the candy of your choice.

Step two: Draw or paint a snowman face on the jar filled with marshmallows. You could also use small buttons or black felt for the eyes and mouth and cut a nose out of orange felt. Next, add buttons to the jar filled with hot chocolate mix. You can draw or paint the buttons, or you can hot glue real buttons or pom-poms.

Step three: Stack your jars with the candy on the bottom, the hot chocolate mix in the middle, and the marshmallows on top. Use hot glue to hold each jar in place.

Step four: Make a hat for your snowman by cutting out black felt or paper or by painting the lid black and hot gluing a large pom-pom on top. Tie some ribbon around your snowman’s neck for a final touch.