Snowflake Garland in a Tin

Snow is one of the best parts of winter and what better way to bring the magic of a snowfall into your home than with a beautiful snowflake garland? You could hang this garland anywhere to add some frosty fun or pack it in a festive tin to give as a gift.

All you need to make a garland is white printer paper (two medallions per sheet), a pencil, a stapler, tape, sharp scissors, and your choice of any kind of string or twine for hanging the medallions.

1. Cut a sheet of paper in half lengthwise to make two equal pieces.

2. Make a 1-inch fold on the short end of one of the pieces and then continue to fold, back and forth accordion-style, until you reach the end of the paper. Repeat with the second piece of paper. Trim off any leftover paper.

3. Cut off one pleat to use as a template. Draw your snowflake design onto the template and cut it out.

4. Press the accordion together, fold it in half to make a crease, then open it and staple the crease line.

5. Using the template, trace the design onto both ends of the stapled paper and cut out your design.

6. Gently separate the pleats of the medallion and tape the open ends together.

7. Thread the twine or string through the medallions, being sure to leave enough extra at each end to hang the garland.